Waterford Greenway


Copper Coast B&B is 10 Kms. from the  nearest Greenway entrance point to us at Kilmacthomas village which is the centre point of The Greenway and is known as the “Heart of the Greenway”.  We are approx. 12 Kms. from Durrow.  Cycle hire is available at both Kilmacthomas & Durrow.

What is The Waterford Greenway? 

A lot of our guests have heard of Waterford’s fantastic Greenway but may not know what it actually is. After several guests have asked us this question, we decided to put together this short explanation and guide to Waterford’s wonderful Greenway. 

Waterford Greenway is a 46km (29 miles) off-road cycle and walking path It is constructed over a disused railway line between Waterford City and Dungarvan taking in a spectacular route with coastal, mountain and historical scenery. Waterford Greenway is an excellent day out for families or couples whether walking for cycling and has many points of entry and exit along the way. The Waterford Greenway has an easy going gradient and plenty of rest and refreshment opportunities along the way.

 How to Get on to the Greenway? 

There are multiple access points for the Greenway both at either end as well as along its length. You can get onto the Greenway in Dungarvan and bike hire is available. From Waterford City, the Greenway is accessible from just outside the City itself. A great place to access the Greenway on the city side is from WIT’s west campus, at Carriganore, only a short spin from the city centre. There is ample car parking available  here also. 

Along its length, there are many more places to get on and off the Greenway and park your car. The midpoint of the Greenway is located at the village of Kilmacthomas. 

Kilmacthomas (known locally as “Kilmac”) has multiple Greenway entry points as well as ample parking facilities. Kilmacthomas is the true “Heart of the Greenway” and is a popular starting point to explore the Greenway in either direction. It’s our recommended point of access as it is just 10 Kms. from Copper Coast B&B.

There are several other access points along the Greenway. A great map of all of the Greenway access points can be found here Waterford Greenway Map

What Kind of Bike Do I Need and Do I Need to Bring One with Me?

You don’t need to be a pro cyclist or have a bike made of super lightweight carbon fibre to enjoy the Greenway. In fact, you don’t even need to own a bike at all to have a great time cycling the Greenway as bike hire is available.

Along its length the Waterford Greenway is mostly flat or has a very slight up or down hill gradient and is paved along its entire length. This makes it incredibly easy to cycle. Waterford Greenway is suitable for cyclists of all levels.  As long as your bike is mechanically sound and safe and you have the necessary safety gear (helmet) you are good to go.

If you don’t own a bike you can rent one. Bike, bike trailers, electric bikes and safety gear can be rented in Dungarvan and Waterford as well as in Kilmacthomas Waterford Green Bike Hire and Durrow The Greenway Man.

Some companies have a shuttle bus with pick up points in Waterford, Kilmacthomas & Dungarvan so you can decide how much of the Greenway you would like to cycle. This makes doing the full 46km entirely feasible for many people.

Is the Greenway suitable for families?

The Waterford Greenway is absolutely suitable for families! Whether walking or cycling the Greenway is a perfect activity for the whole family.


It’s important to note, that when cycling, you should take care to ensure that anyone you bring onto the Greenway can control their bike and keep in mind that families and small children use it.

Greenway Tips

Cycle/walk on the left, pass on the right

If there’s one rule on the Greenway it’s this “Cycle/walk on the left, pass on the right.” This is universal throughout the world of Greenways and is the same whether walking or cycling.

Leave no trace 

Bring sufficient water and snacks with you but also please bring your rubbish home or put it in a bin. There are bins at various points along the Greenway.

Keep your dog on a leash 

If you are bringing your canine friend make sure to keep it on a leash and please remember to pick up after your dog. While it might seem like a good place to let a dog go, a collision between a cyclist and a dog is something nobody wants.

It’s not a race track 

If you cycle a lot please don’t be tempted to cycle fast on the Greenway and keep in mind many families with small children use it as well as those who may not cycle often. The Greenway is a resource to be enjoyed by all. While it’s possible to go fast, it’s not fair or safe to cycle at top speeds along its length.

Are There Toilets and Cafes on the Greenway? 

Yes, there are. Public toilets are present at some of the entry and exit points.  

There are also high quality cafe and/or restaurant facilities at various points along the Waterford Greenway. 

If you need a lift to the Waterford Greenway this can be arranged if you contact us in advance and if you need any help regarding bike hire please let us know.